Choosing an educational path for your child is among the most important decisions a parent will ever make. In a rapidly changing culture, First Presbyterian Preschool rejoices in the opportunity to offer a loving and nurturing environment: a place where we prepare young minds for an exceptional and unique education, and point our students toward the Word of God and His unfailing love as the foundation for their lives.

A Loving Environment


At First Presbyterian, we believe our primary mission is to love each child with the love of Christ. By building nurturing relationships with our students, we open the door to be able to shape young hearts and minds to love the Lord, to love one another, and to love learning!

A Biblical Worldview


Our worldview and philosophy are aimed toward helping children and families see the world through the lens of God's Word. By teaching preschoolers the fundamental truths of our faith, we hope to provide them with a foundation that will last a lifetime.

An Excellent Education


Our curriculum prepares children for grammar school success! By equipping students with fundamental skills and tools for learning on the next level, we empower each child to reach his or her potential in the classroom for years to come.